G80 Sliding door kit for additional glass door

  • Max. door weight 80 kg
  • 5-year warranty on all components of the kit
Product No.: G80
Shipping: €​4.60. Shipping takes 3-9 days


Doors not included in delivery.
About the System

The Tycho G80 system is intended for sliding glass doors.
Glass should be ordered in a glass factory in a right size
and with drilling to fasten the system.

 (see assembly manual).

Information about glass
Material Safety tempered glass (ESG) or safety laminated glass (VSG)
Thickness 8, 10 or 12 mm
Max. Door weight 80 kg
No. of door leaves 1

Doors not included in delivery.

Technical Data
Kit material Polyacetal (POM), steel, aluminium
Kit Weight (without the track) 600 g

Glass mounting

Roller made of highly resistant material – polyoxymethylene

End position stopper

Transparent lower guide