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F40 Folding door system for 2 panels
  • Max. door weight 40 kg (both panels)
  • Track length from 80 to 200 cm
  • Ceiling mounting
Shipping cost is 4.70
Shipping takes 3-9 days
180 cm
Wooden fascia bracket

Kit contents

Prowadnica aluminiowa z otworami pod wkręty Ø 4 mm×1
Aluminium track with holes Ø4 mm. Can be cut to size
Wózek z materiału o wysokiej wytrzymałości — poliacetalu. Osie kół ze stali łożyskowej w łożyskach igiełkowych×1
Roller made of highly resistant material - polyoxymethylene
Obsada czopu górnego×1
Top Trunnion
Czop górny×1
Top Pin
Czop dolny×1
Bottom Pin
Obsada czopu dolnego×1
Bottom Trunnion

Main features

  • Max. door weight 40 kg (both panels)
  • Track length from 80 to 200 cm
  • Ceiling mounting

Useful information

  • Information about doors
    MaterialWood, plywood, chipboard, MDF and honeycomb panel
    Thickness16–40 mm
    Max. door weight (both panels)40 kg
    No. of door panels2
  • Technical data
    Kit materialPolyacetal (POM), steel, aluminium
    Material of the trackAluminium
    Kit weight (without the track)300 g
    Weight of the track (1 m)600 g
  • Options available in the configurator: wooden fascia brackets
  • Doors not included in delivery

Technical drawings

Fig. 1.

Warranty, returns, delivery


5-year warranty on all components of the kit.

You have the right to cancel your purchase within 30 days.

Shipping cost is ​4.70 €.
Shipping takes 3-9 days.